Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is marketing in overall Digital Media like Internet search engines, e.g. Google, Social Media sites e.g. Facebook, mobile phones and banner ads.

2. Why should I take this course?

This professional training program aims to enrich student with all the aspects of digital marketing that transform them from novice to professionals. Digital Marketing itself carries a vast opportunity for employment and it is expected to be the next billion $ Industry in India.Anyone with adequate skills in this field are never going to fall short of demand. Taking this course will train you in the skills that are sought after in the industry and pay well.

3. Who can take this course?

Any Graduates and Undergraduates are eligible to take this course. Someone who is Internet savvy and is interested in marketing and advertising will benefit tremendously from this course.

4. What will I learn in this course ?

The Digital Marketing course from DIGICRAG will teach you to become an expert internet marketer. Through the SEO techniques you will be able to create Internet campaigns that improve ranking of any website on google and other major search engines. The course will teach you to use Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for targeted advertising. You will learn : Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social Media Optimization (SMO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Please refer to the Trainings tab for more information.

5. Does taking the course count as work experience?

DigiCrag is also a Digital Marketing Agency. We have clients for whom we do internet marketing. You'll get a chance to work on live projects during the training period.

6. Do you provide any certification ?

We do provide an DigiCrag Digital Marketing Course Completion Certificate which will hold value in the industry.

7. What kind of companies will hire me ?

Several Internet based companies like -Search engine companies (Google, Yahoo, Rediff, ET) -Social Media companies (FB, Linkedin, ETC) -Mobile companies -Retail and fast moving consumer goods companies. -Ad agencies and also -Internet based businesses.

8. How does DIGICRAG assist with job placement ?

As part of job placement assistance we will help you in building and updating your resume. We have a database of companies looking for people skilled in the field of Internet Marketing and will connect you with these companies. Our faculty will help you in training and polishing your soft skills. We will guide you and counsel you through the interview process. We invite esteemed guest speakers from the industry and they will give you an overview of the requirements of the industry.

9. Why should I join Digicrag?

DigiCrag is a Google authorized digital marketing agency. We provide training based on current industry needs.You will get an opportunity to interact with industry experts from renowned Digital Marketing companies, and also an opportunity to work on live projects. We provide placement assistance. We give informative and in-depth knowledge on Search Engine, and Social Media Marketing, leveraging these mediums to market and advertise on those channels to generate more Leads to your company.

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