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DigiCrag is setting the global standard for Digital Marketing education. Our syllabus is defined by the world’s leading digital brands and agencies. Courses are taught by expert practitioners currently working in Digital Marketing and your learning will be shaped by their practical experiences and case studies.


Our learning options are completely flexible – you can study full time, part time or online. And if you miss a class due to work commitments, you can always catch up online.

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By taking a course with the DigiCrag, you will come away with an actionable Digital Marketing strategy for your business and the skills and knowledge to immediately implement a Digital campaign.

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Our established classroom is the best face-to-face SEO training and education available. We offer a search engine optimization training course created and presented by DigiCrag. The lessons are designed for all learning styles and levels of knowledge, and geared towards any professional who plays a part in the creation and marketing of a website and business.


Based on 10 years of experience in search industry evolution and practice, we know how search works! Our SEO classes and optional SEO certification program are constantly updated with new topics and methodologies.


Classes include extensive question-and-answer discussions that assure the material is understood, plus the opportunity to talk with other students. This is search engine optimization training for every level of experience.


There are many PPC Training Courses available all over the web world but our PPC training course can make you practically aware of its simple and arduous tasks and finally lead you to a PPC expert at DigiCrag. Our PPC training takes the complex aspects of PPC campaign and breaks them down into easy to understand formulas that can be applied to your future PPC projects. Apart from career opportunities pay per click has its own natural benefits in terms of financial gains.


PPC training course from The SEO Classes not only helps you stand confidently in IT world but also prepare you to start your own business by handling different projects from many countries. On one hand, this training course covers the PPC basics and on the other hand it updates its course with every new and advanced PPC concepts.


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, MySpace, del.icio.us etc.. You are fascinated by their online presence and reach, but you can also make career just by doing this course. We will introduce you to social media and also teach you to make social media strategy


We will teach how to increase traffic to website and increase website traffic. You will be able to determine where conversions are happening. You will also learn how to monitor your reputation online and discover how to set up a quantifiable social media program.


Email is still an important means of talking to your customers – but you’ve got to make your communications stand out and actually get read.


This course will help you to develop your email marketing campaigns by covering a range of prevalent issues including identifying costly mistakes, using appropriate behavioural targeting, integrating email with your offline activities and assessing your newsletter effectiveness. You will leave the day with a sharpened email strategy having reviewed the effectiveness of your email communications.


Well-managed affiliate marketing can really pay off. But even though the theory is pretty straightforward, it’s often overlooked by advertisers because putting it into practice can be difficult.


This will give you a practical understanding of affiliate marketing, outlining the strategies, techniques and tricks to achieve a successful, well-managed programme. This course will outline the strategies, techniques and tricks to achieve an effective level of contribution and offer tips on refining your existing affiliate programme.


DigiCrag Video training course dedicated to making you awesome at leveraging the conversion power of marketing with video. Focusing on the creation of highly shareable creative content that empowers interaction and action.


This course will provide you with an action plan for producing affordable high quality videos, marketing your business on YouTube and using video to convert more traffic into sales.


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Certifications Program Hyderabad

Search Engine Optimisation is a global Business Phenomenon. The Scope and growth of The Online Marketplace in the last five years alone has been immense . Optimising your websites to obtain Global customers has never been such an essential business need. This Practical Online Diploma Course in SEO features Real Life Briefs , Case Studies and Interactive Subject Expert Support.


DigiCrag provides every student an overall SEO Knowledge through practical assignments. The course has been designed in such a way that its every step helps students to derive satisfaction and better career life. Search Engine Optimization is always a fresh and dynamic field because it involves every single day.


Diploma in SEM

Search marketing remains one of the most influential digital disciplines with over 90% of web users relying on search engines to find what they are looking for…


The Professional Diploma in Search Marketing gives you all the skills you need to excel as a search marketing specialist.


The DigiCrag ethos is to take digital knowledge direct from industry leaders, they design and teach our formalised, accredited syllabus so you learn real skills that will drive your career forward in search marketing.

Diploma in SMO

Professional Diploma in Social Media Optimization includes Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing and How To Make Money from Social Media websites.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a platform where people can use to share experiences and opinions with each other and are also used to market products and services using social media websites like Digg, Twitter, Delicious, Face Book, and run a lot more.


SMO Services and Solutions are used for -

  • Increase Your Links
  • Bookmarking of your website.
  • Develop Inbound Links
  • Promote your website using dig, Facebook, twitter etc.

Diploma in SMM

Social media marketing is of increasing importance to most businesses and organisations. This course from DigiCrag covers the concepts and application of social media marketing and will equip you with the skills to plan and implement a successful social media marketing strategy.


Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing include the use of email marketing, affiliate marketing, using social media tools such as Twitter, podcasting and blogging, and how to use Facebook to create a fan page and increase traffic to your business page.


It will be of interest to people who wish to learn more about this subject or to advance their career prospects in the social media marketing arena.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

The Diploma in Digital Marketing will provide you with knowledge underpinning the principles of digital marketing and skills to undertake digital marketing planning. The qualification covers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), types of online advertising, email marketing, viral marketing, online PR, affiliate marketing and social media. It also looks at digital metrics, legislation, regulation and codes of practice.


In addition, you will study the similarities and differences covering the mix elements in traditional and digital marketing, along with issues such as relationship marketing, permission and consumer concerns around privacy, trust and security.

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